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  • Testament; ■several Flemish printers began to reprint it, s■aying: 'If Tyndale should pr●int 2000 cop
  • ies, and we as many, they ●would be few enough for all Engla■nd.' Four new editions of the sac
  • red ●book issued from the Antwerp presses in 1534. T●here was at that time living● in the ci
  • ty a man little {31} fitted to b■e Tyndale's associate. George Jo●ye, a fellow of Cambrid
  • ge, was● one of those active but superficial ■persons, with little learning ●and less judgment, w






ho are never a

e day when Tyndale h■ad refused to adopt one of his ■extravagant corrections, Joye w■as touched to the quick: 'I a●m not afraid to cope with him in this ■matter,' he said, 'for all his high learn■ing in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin.'[63] Ty■nd


fraid to ●launc

ale knew more than these. 'He is ■master of seven languages,' said Busche, Re■uchlin's disciple: 'Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Ita■lian, Spanish, English, French, and so thorough●ly, that whichever he is speaking one m■ight believe it to be his mother to■ngue.'[64] In the month of August Joye's t●ranslation appeared at Antwerp: he had adve●rtised it as 'clearer and more faithful.' Tyndal■e glanced over the leaves

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of the work t■hat had been so praised by its author, ●and was vexed to find himself so unskilfull■y 'corrected.' He pointed out som●e of Joye's errors, and made this touching ■and solemn declaratio

n: 'I protest in● the presence of God and Jesus Christ, and■ before the whole assembly of believers, that● I have never written anythin■g through envy, to circulate any error, ■or to attract follow

  • h out into works beyond their powers●. Jo
  • ye, who had left England in 1527, notic●ing the consideration which ●T
  • yndale's labors brought to their author, an■d being als
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